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switch Image, Gigabit Ethernet route Photo, Mulitcast Picture

Product Name BDCOM S6508
Product Category Telecommunications » Internet Equipment » Others
Product Keyword switch ; Gigabit Ethernet route ; Mulitcast
Product Origin China [CN]

BDCOM S6508 Description » Recommend

BDCOM S6508 Larger Image

BDCOM S6508 is a all-modular, high-port-density backbone route switch. Its 128 Gigabit switch fabric and wire-speed L3 packet forwarding rate provide users with fast, congestion-less switching. Up to 256 Fast Ethernet ports and up to 32 Gigabit ports makes it perfect for large enterprise campuses to boost network capacity. The 10 expansion slots and many modules enable users to flexibly configure their networks to be elastic and expansible. The full set of switching and routing functions, high reliability and redundancy, makes BDCOM S6508 an ideal choice for the core switch for large- and medium-sized networks.

LS6508B-Chassis BDCOM S6508 chassis, backplane (10 slots, 2 for MSU, 8 for access modules)
LS6508-MSU MCU for BDCOM S6508 (1 CONSOLE, 1 AUX, 1 10/100M Ethernet port. 16 MB flash, 128 MB memory)
LS65-PWR-AC-800 Power supply for S6508 (AC 100 ~ 240 V, 800 W)
LS65-32FE-TX 32-port 100-M (electrical Ethernet) Access Module (RJ45)
LS65-4GE-TX/SFP 4-port Gigabit (electrical/optical Ethernet) Access Module (4 Gigabit RJ45 electrical + SFP combo Ethernet interface)
GSFP-TX 1 1000Base-T port, SFP module, RJ45
GSFP-SX 1 1000Base-T port, SFP module, multi-mode, 500 m, wavelength: 850 nm
GSFP-LX-10 1 1000Base-LX port, SFP module, single-mode, 10 km, wavelength: 1310 nm
GSFP-LX-50 1 1000Base-LX port, SFP module, single-mode, 50 km, wavelength: 1310 nm
GSFP-ZX-80 1 1000Base-LX port, SFP module, single-mode, 80 km, wavelength: 1550 nm

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